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Abstract #0012

Efficient Parallel MRI with 3D Radials using Accelerated PARS Reconstruction

Samsonov A, Klaers J, Arunachalam A, Block W
University of Wisconsin

The variable sampling density of radial trajectories has proven useful for robust imaging in the presence of motion, accelerated scanning through undersampling, and time-resolved imaging. Parallel MRI (pMRI) offers the opportunity to further accelerate 3D radial imaging. Recently, efficient modification of the Parallel MRI with Augmented Radius (PARS) technique was proposed and demonstrated with 2D radials. We extend the technique to 3D radial imaging for comprehensive imaging of the entire torso. An accelerated PARS pMRI technique has reduced computation to synthesize k-space data by a factor of 400 in a 3D non-Cartesian acquisition compared to original PARS.