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Abstract #0019

Non-invasive myocardial and hepatic R2* assessment in a juvenile hematochromatosis mouse model at high magnetic field

Weidensteiner C, Allegrini P, Nick H
Novartis Inst. for BioMedical Research

Juvenile hemochromatosis leads to excess iron deposition in liver and heart. Cardiac failure is the most common cause of death of patients with iron overload. This study describes the development of non-invasive cardiac and hepatic iron determination by MRI based on R2* assessment. A preliminary time course study with HJV-/- mice, a model of Juvenile hemochromatosis was performed. At the age of 6 months myocardial R2* of HJV-/- was 136 s-1 (control 56 s-1) whereas that of the liver amounted to 641 s-1 (control 82 s-1). The feasibility of reproducible hepatic and myocardial R2* assessment in mice was demonstrated.