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Abstract #0050

Functional MRI of the Bowel: Detection of Perfusion Defects and Changes in the Water Diffusion

Hohl C, Haage P, Gnther R, Niendorf T, Krombach G, Mhlenbruch G, Schoth F, Schmidt T, Brock H
UK Aachen

In mesenteric ischemia the interval between the onset of symptoms and irreversible damage of the bowel is app. 120-180 min. The early detection of bowel ischemia requires imaging methods which are (i) sensitive to changes in the blood supply or (ii) susceptible to the net water shift associated with the development of cytotoxic edema. For this reason this work studies (i) the detection of perfusion deficits in the mesenteric end-arteries using high spatial resolution contrast enhanced MRA and (ii) the detection of cytotoxic edema of the bowel wall by means of diffusion weighted (DWI) imaging.