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Abstract #0053

Dosing bias in dGEMRIC due to BMI differences

Tiderius C, Burstein D, Williams A, Finnell M, Prasad P, Sharma L, Hori M
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

A correlation was found between BMI and plasma [Gd-DTPA2-], indicating a potential dosing bias in dGEMRIC. Dose bias will not be a factor in longitudinal studies where BMI doesnt change significantly, or when compartments within a knee are compared. However, in comparisons between individuals with a large range of BMI dosing by BMI, not weight, or post-process correction of the data must be considered. Correcting for dose bias did not change any previously reported conclusions regarding dGEMRIC versus radiographic metrics, and there was still a strong relationship between dGEMRIC and BMI in OA subjects.