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Abstract #0056

T2 Values of Patellar Cartilage in Subjects with Osteoarthritis

Koff M, Amrami K, Kaufman K
Mayo Clinic

T2 values of articular cartilage have been proposed as a biomarker for osteoarthritis (OA). This study quantified differences of T2 values of patellar cartilage across different stages of OA as defined by radiological examination. 110 subjects were enrolled in the study. T2 values of patellar cartilage were calculated from a series of T2 weighted images. Patello-femoral OA stage was assigned based on weight bearing radiographs. No significant differences of T2 values were found across the stages of radiographic patello-femoral OA. Additional work is required to determine the benefits and sensitivity of T2 mapping in a clinical setting.