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Abstract #0092

Liver Regeneration and Bioenergetic Changes Following Hepatic Irradiation and Hepatocyte Transplant in Vivo by 31P MRSI

Landis C, Liu L, Roy-Chowdhury J, Xi B, Hetherington H, Guha C
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Radiation treatment has limited usage in the treatment of liver cancers due the development of radiation induced liver damage (RILD). Previous work has demonstrated that hepatocyte transplant (HT) could ameliorate RILD in rats. To study the metabolic changes that occur in RILD with and without HT, 31P MRSI data was acquired in rats treated with partial hepatectomy (PH) alone, PH with hepatic irradiation (PHRT) or PHRT with HT. Persistently reduced [&[gamma]-ATP] and &[gamma]-ATP/Pi signal ratio were observed in rats after PHRT. Reduced &[gamma]-ATP/Pi but elevated [&[gamma]-ATP] were observed in rats receiving HT at 6 weeks, suggesting that transplanted hepatocytes can simultaneously restore metabolic function while replacing host hepatocytes damaged by RT.