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Abstract #0100

Artificial reporter gene providing MRI contrast in vivo based on chemical exchange.

Gilad A, McMahon M, Walczak P, Winnard Jr P, Raman V, Bulte J, van Zijl P
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

LRP is an artificial gene that was designed and cloned in order to serve as a biomarker for in vivo tracking of cell biodistribution, and potentially for monitoring gene expression by MRI. This study demonstrates that LRP expression by genetically engineered 9L glioma cells, provides sufficient contrast to distinguish transplanted LRP-expressing tumors from control tumors and the surrounding mouse brain. Since LRP relies on saturation transfer after irradiation of specific protons, this work opens the possibility for making a family of reporter genes that can be use for imaging multiple targets simultaneously, in frequency selective manner.