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Abstract #0111

MRI-guided Prostate Biopsy For Individuals with Elevated or Increasing PSA Levels after Negative TRUS-Biopsy

Stenzl A, Lichy M, Anastasiadis A, Claussen C, Schlemmer H
University of Tuebingen

Purpose of this study was to establish MRI-guided biopsy for individuals with elevated or increasing PSA levels after negative TRUS- biopsy and suspicious (endo)MRI findings at 1.5 Tesla. A total of 26 patients were included so far. Prostate cancer was detected in 14 out of 26 cases (54%). MRI-guided biopsy of the prostate is a save and clinically feasible procedure. Based on our initial results it is a very promising method for tumor detection in individuals with elevated or increasing PSA-levels and negative former TRUS-biopsies.