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Abstract #0113

3D 1H-MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the in vivo Human Prostate at 3T with a body array coil: a step towards MR screening of prostate cancer?

Heijmink S, Roell S, Hulsbergen-Van de Kaa C, Barentsz J, Heerschap A, Scheenen T
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

3D 1H-MRSI was performed in 22 biopsy-proven prostate cancer patients without an endorectal coil at 3T. Spectroscopic signals from an elliptical weighted PRESS pulse sequence acquired with all elements of an 8-channel body array coil were combined into zero-order phased spectra for every individual voxel of the MRSI matrix. With whole-mount section histopathology as a standard of reference, the choline to citrate ratio of voxels in healthy and tumor tissue were calculated. Prostate cancer can now be detected throughout the whole prostate with a true voxel resolution of 1.0 cm3 in 8.5 minutes without using an endorectal coil.