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Abstract #0115

Intermediate results of IMAPS: An International Multi-Centre Assessment of Prostate MR Spectroscopy

Futterer J Barentsz A Heerschap J, van Hecke P, Bachert P, Villeirs G, Lu J, Schlemmer H, Lemort M, Broome D, Scheenen T, Weiland S Roell E
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

IMAPS is a multi-centre trial evaluating the use of 3D 1H-spectroscopic imaging of the prostate to detect and localize prostate cancer. Currently 67 patients contributed by 8 different institutions are included. The value of the (choline+creatine)/citrate integral ratio was evaluated for different healthy anatomical regions and for tumor tissue. Threshold values and corresponding numbers for sensitivity and specificity in detecting prostate cancer were calculated for these different tissues. Prostate cancer can better be detected in the peripheral zone than in the central gland, and the peri-urethral area needs to be evaluated with caution.