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Abstract #0122

Transmit Coil Array for Accelerating 2D Excitation on an Eight-Channel Parallel Transmit System

Zhu Y, Park K, Vogel M, Piel J, Foo T, Hancu I, Giaquinto R, Watkins R, Kerr A, Pauly J
GE Global Research Center

The multiple transmit coils at the front end of a parallel transmit architecture define the individual B1 profiles that, under the control of the parallel RF pulses, are weighted and superimposed to form the composite RF field. The coils thus play a central role in the induction of appropriate B1 spatiotemporal variations that affect excitation acceleration and the concomitant E field that dictates SAR. In this study some of the important aspects of a transmit arrays construction/application were examined. An effort to design and build an improved version of a previously reported array is described as a specific example.