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Abstract #0124

Six Channel Transmit-Receive Coil Array for Whole Body Imaging at 4T

Junge S, Ullmann P, Thiel T, Seifert F
Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH

Whole body imaging at high magnetic field strength above 3T is limited by the increase in RF-power requirements and SAR. In order to overcome these restrictions we designed a novel multi-transmit and multi-receive body coil by combining current-sheet-antenna (CSA) and loop coil elements. It allows high-field cardiac and abdominal imaging at 4 Tesla with low RF-power levels and therefore significantly reduced energy deposition compared to large transmit volume body-coils. The CSA coil-setup provides excellent parallel imaging capabilities (e.g. GRAPPA) and can be used in combination with multiple transmit channels for Transmit SENSE applications.