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Abstract #0127

A flexible 8-channel RF transmit array system for parallel excitation

Wald L, Roell S, Fontius U, Schmitt F, Baumgartl R, Fischer D, Potthast A, Stoeckel B, Schor , Kwapil G, Nistler J, Boettcher U, Nerreter U, Adriany G, Hebrank F, Pirkl G, Doerfler G, Jeschke H, Alagappan V, Adelsteinson E, Setsompop K, Gagoski B
MGH Martinos Center

Imaging of human sized subjects at ultra high fields, such as 7T, suffers intrinsically from the interaction of the B1 field with the dielectric human tissue. B1 shimming and TX-Sense have been proposed to improve the homogeneity of the B1 field. With the exception of the 3 channel system of Ullman et al., previous parallel excitation work has been limited to modelling with a single TX channel system. We demonstrate a modular approach to adding TX channels to a clinical scanner. The system is also well suited to multinuclear spectroscopy and ASL experiments utilizing multiple labelling coils, as well as dynamic shimming with up to 21 shim channels.