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Abstract #0129

Whole Body 3T MRI System with Eight Parallel RF Transmission Channels

Graesslin I, Vernickel P, Rschmann P, Leussler C, Vissers G, vd Heijden J, Findeklee C, Haaker P, Luedeke K, Schmidt J, Scholz J, Buller S, Dingemans H, Keupp J, Brnert P, Swennen N, Blom K, Mollevanger L, Harvey P, Mens G, Katscher U
Philips Research Laboratories

Dielectric resonance effects diminish the quality of body MR images at main fields at 3T or above. Parallel RF transmission techniques bear the potential of compensating for these effects through RF shimming or local excitation. This paper describes the first MRI prototype system based on a modified clinical MR scanner, which features whole body imaging at 3T using genuine eight-channel transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) technology. The system offers a multi-channel transmit and a standard single channel-imaging mode. Examples for the imaging results of the MRI experiments in both modes are shown.