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Abstract #0159

Increased cortical TCA cycle rate during functional stimulation determined at 11.7 Tesla

Shen J, Yang J, Li D

Glutamate C4 turnover from [1,6-13C2]glucose with and without forepaw stimulation was measured at 11.7 Tesla using POCE spectroscopy from a 35 &[micro]L voxel located at the primary somatosensory cortex of alpha-chloralose anesthetized rat brain. The TCA cycle rate was found to increase by ~39% due to functional stimulation (from 0.49&[plusmn]0.10, n = 5, to 0.68&[plusmn]0.11 &[micro]mol/g/min, n = 6, mean&[plusmn]SD, p < 0.05, unpaired t test). No significant change in the glutamate-glutamine cycling flux was found from the in vivo turnover time courses (0.19&[plusmn]0.07 vs. 0.15&[plusmn]0.07 &[micro]mol/g/min).