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Abstract #0186

Assessing early effects of angiogenesis inhibitors using MR molecular imaging

Mulder W, van der Schaft D, Strijkers G, Storm G, Griffioen A, Mayo K, Nicolay K
Eindhoven University of Technology

In this study we assessed the early effects of anti-angiogenesis therapies with MR molecular imaging, using paramagnetic and fluorescent RGD-conjugated liposomes. Tumor bearing mice were treated with either Endostatin or Anginex. Mice that were not treated served as a control group. After 3 days of treatment mice were imaged using T1-weighted MRI before and after injecting the contrast agent. The percentages of voxels within the tumors that showed contrast enhancement were compared between the 3 groups and revealed a significant decrease for the Endostatin treatment group as compared to the control group.