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Abstract #0203

Ultra-Fast MR Velocity Measurement using Spin-Tagging and Single-Echo Acquisition (SEA) Imaging.

Wright S, McDougall M, Yallapragada N
Texas A&M University

As MRI evolves into a functional imaging tool, the potential for using MRI to image extremely rapid, non-periodic or one-time events is of growing interest. This abstract demonstrates the combination of spin-tagging RF pulses with single-echo acquisition (SEA) imaging to achieve real-time velocity visualization with frame rates of 200 images per second. The method is tested on a gelatin phantom rotating at 600 revolutions per minute. Although the array coil elements are 2-mm wide in the narrow dimension, 1-mm wide spin-tags are visualized through the use of a phase compensation gradient pulse optimized for detecting high-frequencies rather than signal-to-noise.