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Abstract #0230

MRI assessment of status epilepticus induced hippocampal plasticity after systemic Mn administration

Immonen R, Pitknen A, Grhn O
A.I.Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Kuopio

Mn2+-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI) has potential to reveal functional, structural and connectional alterations in high spatial resolution. This work was designed to test if systemic Mn-injection provides a robust MEMRI approach for detection of mossy fiber sprouting, and to assess the possible accumulation of systemically injected Mn into hippocampus during status epilepticus. Mn-enhancement was not increased by status epilepticus 15-37 hours after kainic acid (KA) injection. However, 2 months after KA-injection marked changes in shape and thickness of the CA3 and dentate gyrus as well as in intensity of CA1 subregions of hippocampus were detected, attributed to axonal sprouting.