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Abstract #0267

Cellular Encapsulation and MRI tracking with self-assembled RF shielded devices

Artemov D, Gimi B, Bhujwalla Z, Leong T, Gracias D
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

This paper describes a strategy for the microencapulation of cells and biotherapeutic products using a novel approach to self-assemble 3D metallic containers from 2D photolithographically micropatterned precursors. These containers can be easily detected and tracked with MRI through the RF shielding effect, providing characteristic hypointensity within the container. This demonstration is the first step toward the design of micropatterned, encapsulation devices that can serve as biosensors and can be used in a myriad of interventional applications. Since the strategy is compatible with MEMS, we envision the mounting of electromechanical modules, such as RF microcoils, on the surfaces of these devices.