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Abstract #0281

Corticocortical Connectivity of Probst Bundle Fibers in Callosal Dysgenesis Revealed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging Fiber Tractography

Mukherjee P, Henry R, Berman J, Chung S, Hetts S, Barkovich A, Sherr E
University of California, San Francisco

DTI fiber tractography was used to noninvasively map the connectivity patterns of Probst bundle fibers in one adolescent and two adults with callosal dysgenesis. In a normal adult volunteer, fiber tracking of the corpus callosum showed the expected homotopic organization. In callosal dysgenesis, the dominant corticocortical connectivity of the Probst bundles was between medial frontal lobe and the ipsilateral superior parietal area. In the only subject without left hemispheric cortical malformations, connectivity was also identified between left medial prefrontal cortex and left anterior temporal lobe, but not in the right hemisphere of any of the 3 experimental subjects.