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Abstract #0283

Quantitative Tract-of-Interest Metrics for White Matter Integrity Based on Diffusion Tensor MRI Data

Zhang S, Lee S, Correia S, Tate D, Paul R, Salloway S, Malloy P, Laidlaw D
Brown Medical School

Problem: To provide initial validity data on new quantitative DTI tractography metrics for assessing cerebral white matter integrity.Method: From whole-brain streamtube models of white matter pathways we calculated the number of streamtubes and their summed total length (TL). Additional metrics included TL weighted for average linear anisotropy and normalized for intracranial volume. Results: Patients with vascular cognitive impairment had significantly lower values (p<.05) than the controls on all length metrics but not the number of streamtubes. Conclusions: These results provide preliminary evidence that these new quantitative DTI tractography metrics hold promise for examining group differences in white matter health.