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Abstract #0308

Evaluations of the female pelvis: Comparison of 3D T2-weighted FSE images using ASSET and 2D T2-weighted FSE images in three planes

Masui T, Katayama M, Hirano M, Nozaki A, Sugiyama M, Seo H, Sato K
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital

For evaluation of the female pelvis, 2D T2-weighted FSE imaging in the axial and sagittal planes is important. With parallel imaging technique, 3D T2-weighted imaging can be one of the options for the replacement of all 2D T2-weighted images. In the current study, comparison of the abilities of one set of 2D T2-weighted images in axial, sagittal and perpendicular to the axis of the uterus planes with that of 3D T2-weighted images for the evaluation of the female pelvis was made. 3D T2-weighted FSE images give useful information and can be substitute for 2D T2-weighted FSE images in three planes.