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Abstract #0323

In vivo quantification of induced liver fibrosis in an animal study using MR-elastography

ter Beek L, Van Beers B, Salameh N, Sinkus R, Peeters F, Abarca-Quinones J, Annet L
Philips Medical Systems

The aim of the study was to assess if MR-elastography (MRE) can be used to quantify the degree of liver fibrosis in vivo. Ten rats with liver fibrosis and five normal rats were examined with MRE. The visco-elastic parameters obtained the Maxwell models were correlated to the percentage of liver fibrosis determined by histopathology. Significant correlations were observed between the visco-elastic properties and the percentage of liver fibrosis. These results suggest that MRE is a reliable method to quantify liver fibrosis.