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Abstract #0339

Fully Balanced Steady State 3D-Spin-Echo (bSSSE) Imaging at 3 Tesla

Han E, Krug R, Banerjee S, Majumdar S
GE Healthcare, Global Applied Science Laboratory

In this work a rapid fully balanced steady state spin-echo sequence (bSSSE) has been designed and implemented on a 3 Tesla whole-body MR scanner. Its performance was compared to previously used gradient-echo and spin-echo based sequences. SE sequences are less prone to off-resonance frequencies arising from magnetic field inhomogeneities. SNR and SNR efficiency of bSSSE outperforms that of previous introduced non-balanced SSSE sequences. We applied the new sequence to in-vivo high-resolution MRI of trabecular bone. The resulting trabecular microstructure was more clearly depicted compared to previously used spin-echo and gradient-echo based sequences in a clinically reasonable imaging time.