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Abstract #0360

Selective MRI of magnetically labeled cells a comparative evaluation of positive contrast techniques

Seppenwoolde J, Oude Engberink R, Blezer E, Bakker C, van der Toorn A
University Medical Center Utrecht

This work describes a comparative evaluation of three types of selective MR imaging of magnetically labeled cells: the white marker method (WM), the spectrally selective RF method (SSRF), and the off-resonance balanced gradient-echo method (OBM). Comparison was done by simulations, in vitro experiments, and in vivo rat experiments with photothrombotic brain lesions. The results show that the described methods have their own specific issues: OBM has the least flexibility with a very narrow optimum, SSRF has more flexibility but yields relatively small markers, and WM has the most flexibility and yields larger markers with a very robust contrast.