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Abstract #0362

Evaluation of Coronary Atherosclerotic Plaque Using Navigator Coronary MR Angiography with Reference to 64-MDCT Coronary Angiography

Sun W, Liu X
GE Healthcare,China

Using coronary MR angiography with SSFP (1.5T) to scan 15 non-calcified plaques with significant stenosis and 4 severe calcified plaques detected by 64-slice CT in 15 patients. Nine non-calcified plaques were detected as low signal and the stenosis were correctly evaluated compared to CT. Six non-calcified plaques were not detected might be caused by smaller size in 4 and rich fibrous component in 2. Four calcified plaques showed no significant stenosis on MR. High-spatial resolution and black blood MR technique should be developed to increase the ability of detection for the small size plaque (<2.3 mm) and fibrous-rich plaque.