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Abstract #0366

Navigator-Gated Whole Heart Coronary MRI: Comparison of 3D TrueFisp Cartesian and Radial Acquisitions

Nielles-Vallespin S, Li D, Mueller E, Speier P, Bi X
Siemens AG Medical Solutions

3D TrueFISP navigator-gated whole heart coronary images acquired using Cartesian and radial sampling were compared in terms of SNR, CNR and vessel sharpness in four healthy volunteers. With an average total acquisition time of 10-13 min, the Cartesian data have lower and anisotropic resolution (voxel size 1.1&[mult]1.1&[mult]2.2 mm3), thus higher SNR and CNR, while the radial data have higher and true isotropic resolution (voxel size 1.1&[mult]1.1&[mult]1.1 mm3) and improved vessel sharpness.