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Abstract #0369

Evaluation of whole-heart coronary MRA completed in 5 minutes using &[Prime]paddle-wheel&[Prime] balanced SSFP

Okuda S, Oshio K, Tanimoto A, Shinmoto H, Kuribayashi S, Yamada M
Keio University School of Medicine

We implemented paddle-wheel balanced SSFP on a 1.5T clinical scanner and obtained whole-heart coronary MRA of 10 patients. The imaging parameters were: 224 readout points, 300 projections, 64 slices, TR/TE = 4.0/2.0 msec, FOV = 30-35 cm, acquisition matrices = 256x256. Respiratory navigator was not used during image acquisition and respiratory motion was corrected on a workstation by using image data itself for navigation. The image acquisition time was completed in 5 minutes. The average image quality was assessed on 4-point-scale (4 = excellent) as 3.36, 2.58 and 2.22 for RCA, LAD and LCX, respectively.