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Abstract #0374

Relationship between changes in cerebral arterial blood volume and flow as measured by MOTIVE with ASL during neural activation

Kim T, Kim S, Masamoto K, Hendrich K
University of Pittsburgh

Changes in cerebral arterial blood volume (&[Delta]CBVa) and flow (&[Delta]CBF)were simultaneously measured during stimulation by modulation of tissue and vessel (MOTIVE) signals with arterial spin labeling. Activation maps of CBVa and CBF were successfully obtained for all animals with the high-sensitivity technique.&[Delta]CBVa increases were correlated with &[Delta]CBF increases; &[Delta]CBVa (ml/100g) = 0.0054 (min-1) &[mult]&[Delta]CBF (ml/100g/min)+ 0.13 (R=0.87). This indicates that stimulation-induced increases in CBF are not due to velocity changes, but are mostly due to arterial vessel dilation.