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Abstract #0399

Fast planar steady-state free precession MR elastography on human liver

Rump J, Klatt D, Braun J, Sack I, Papazoglou S, Hamhaber U, Asbach P
Institute of Radiology

Classical MR elastography (MRE) experiments applied to human liver suffer from extended time consumption due to slow vibration frequencies and the acquisition of 3D-strain wave fields for calculating elastograms. We propose the application of fast balanced SSFP-MRE for acquiring phase-difference wave images within 3 seconds. The combination of SSFP-MRE with alternating slice subtraction allows the use of low mechanical excitation frequencies below 50 Hz. Transversal wave excitation allows reducing the dimensionality of the wave inversion problem. Using the new planar SSFP-MRE method 8 healthy volunteers and 3 patients were investigated within an individual study time of 2 minutes.