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Abstract #0415

A 32 Channel Receive-only Head Coil And Detunable Transmit Birdcage Coil For 7 Tesla Brain Imaging

Potthast A, Wiggins G, Kraff O, Alagappan V, Wiggins C, Wald L, Reykowski A
Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc

We demonstrate a 32 channel phased array head coil for use at 7T. The receive coil and dedicated transmit birdcage fit within a 36cm head gradient coil. The 32 overlapping circular receive coils are arranged with a soccer ball geometry over a close fitting helmet. The array provided SNR gains of 2-fold in the center of the head and 5-fold or more in the cortex. The g-factor performance was also examined and found to be slightly better than a 3T 32 channel coil with identical element geometry, and much better than an 7T 8 channel close-fitting array.