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Abstract #0425

Improving MRI Differentiation of Gray and White Matter in Epileptogenic Lesions Based on Nonlinear Feedback

Huang S, Wolahan S, Mathern G, Chute D, Akhtari M, Nguyen S, Huynh M, Salamon N, Lin Y
University of California, Los Angeles

A new method for enhancing MRI contrast between gray and white matter in epileptogenic lesions is demonstrated. This method uses the radiation damping feedback interaction in high-field MRI to amplify contrast due to small differences in resonance frequency in gray and white matter corresponding to variations in tissue susceptibility. High-resolution radiation damping-enhanced images of in vitro brain tissue from five patients were acquired at 14T and compared against conventional T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and proton density images and simulated radiation damping-enhanced images. The radiation damping-enhanced images yielded 5x better contrast-to-noise ratios on average than the best T1-weighted, T2-weighted, or proton density images.