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Abstract #0445

Voxelwise MT Analysis Shows Less Pronounced Brain Tissue Damage in Benign MS than in Early Relapsing MS

Guidi L, Zipoli V, Goretti B, Bartolozzi M, Battaglini M, Stromillo M, Amato M, De Stefano N, Federico A, Giorgio A, Portaccio E
Empoli Hospital

Results of the present study demonstrate that, despite the presence of significantly more WM lesions and much longer disease duration, focal and diffuse structural brain damage as measured by MTr is significantly less pronounced in B-MS than in a cohort of RR-MS at their earliest disease stages. This might be possibly due to more effective repair mechanisms to demyelination in patients with B-MS than in RR-MS. On this basis, the use of MTr might be helpful in differentiating patients with benign form of MS from those with a typical disabling course of the disease.