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Abstract #0472

Multi Parameter High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy of Tumors

Moerchel P, Melkus G, Kotas M, Jakob P, Flentje M, Behr V
University of Wrzburg

An MRI and MRS protocol to measure oxygenation, perfusion, and lactate distribution in vivo and with a high spatial resolution on different tumor models was implemented on a 17.6 Tesla wide-bore spectrometer. In order to compare the MR-results with data from bioluminescence, these tumors were histologicaly processed.The results consistently show a good correlation between the MR and histology data. Differences in MR-Parameters (particularly the lactate concentration) between the tumor models could be detected in MR, possibly allowing an identification of the tumor in vivo. With such in vivo data, radiological therapies and treatment could be accomplished more efficiently.