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Abstract #0491

In Vivo Evaluation of the Concentration of Macromolecule Species involved in GABA Editing

Choi C, Coupland N, Malykhin N, Bhardwaj P, Gheorghiu D, Allen P
University of Alberta

An in vivo study for evaluation of the concentration of macromolecule (MM) species involved as a primary contaminant in GABA C4 proton editing is reported. Two types of double-quantum filtering sequences, designed for selective detection of GABA and MM, gave a filtered signal ratio of 1.0&[plusmn]0.2 (mean&[plusmn]SD, n=2), at TE = 82 ms, for the human prefrontal cortex. With the signal retention ratios from the density-matrix simulation, the MM-to-GABA concentration ratio was evaluated to be 6&[plusmn]1, for GABA-to-MM T1 and T2 ratios both at 5.