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Abstract #0510

Non-gadolinium enhanced MRA of the distal lower extremities

Lim R, Lee V, Hecht E, Parikh T, Drew S, Taouli B, Xu J, Wong S, Babb J
NYU Medical Center

A novel non-contrast enhanced MRA technique called ECG-gated HASTE is compared with two contrast-enhanced techniques, time-resolved and conventional bolus chase MRA for the evaluation of the infragenual arteries. 16 patients were examined, with 10 below-knee segments per leg, for technical quality and clinical findings. The study showed significant differences (p<0.05) in accuracy of the non-contrast technique, with mildly decreased visualization of vessel length and overestimation of stenosis. However, with continued development, non-contrast MRA has potential as a rapid, entirely non-invasive examination.