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Abstract #0512

Effect of dose bisection at 3.0T on contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the renal arteries

Herborn C, Watkins D, Runge V, Naul L, Adam G
University Medical Center

Aim of the study was to intraindividually compare two doses of gadolinium for contrast-enhanced enhanced three-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Angiography (CE-MRA) in patients suspected of renal artery stenosis. 22 patients underwent MR imaging of the renal arteries at 1.5T (0.2 mmol/kg) and 3.0T (0.1 mmol/kg). Random consensus readout was performed. While mean image quality did not show any statistically significant differences between the two doses and field strength SNR and CNR values were statistically significant different with the greater dose at 1.5T as compared to the lower dose at 3.0T. Further dose studies for optimized renal CE-MRA are warranted.