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Abstract #0514

:Prevalence and distribution of atherosclerotic abnormalities in subjects aged 70 examined with whole-body MRA.

Hansen T, Ahlstrm H, Johansson L, Lind L, Wikstrm J
Dept of Radiology, Uppsala University

303 subjects were examined. The vessels were divided into 26 segments and evaluated according to stenosis, occlusion or aneurysms. 99% of the 7878 segments were possible to evaluate. 94 subjects (31%) had stenoses with more than 50% diameter reduction or occlusions, including 7 aneurysms. 112 subjects (37%) had only stenoses less then 50%, though 5 of them had aneurysms. 95 subjects (31%) had no abnormalities. 2 subjects had aneurysms without other vascular abnormalities. This study gives the prevalence and severity of atherosclerotic abnormalities in a random sample of 70 year old subjects examined with whole-body MRA at 1,5 T scanner.