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Abstract #0517

MR Evaluation of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) of the Lower Extremities using Ferumoxytol,

Li W, Dunkle E, Tutton S, Pierchala L, Salanitri J, Prasad P, Jacobs P, Edelman R
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

MR venography has been previously reported using 2D TOF and gadolinium-enhanced MRA. The former is inefficient and suffers from sensitivity to flow patterns, whereas the latter suffers from rapid leakage of contrast agent. Nine patients with known DVT of lower extremities were evaluated with MR venography using an iron oxide blood pool agent, ferumoxytol. Pre-contrast TOF, post-contrast TRICKS, 3D SPGR bright blood, and T2 FSE dark blood sequences were acquired. Dual contrast, artifact-free images of DVT were obtained in all subjects. The results suggest that ferumoxytol MR venography offers great potential for detection of DVT.