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Abstract #0530

Impaired Default-Mode Network Activity in Schizophrenia: A Resting-State fMRI Study

Isohanni M, Greicius M, Anttola J, Tervonen O, Kiviniemi V, Starck T, Littow H
Oulu University Hospital

Functional MRI can be used in detecting impaired connectivity of brain networks. The resting-state activity of the default-mode network was compared between schizophrenics fulfilling DSM-III-R criteria and controls in a cohort study. Normal default mode network and new inversely correlated activity was identified in the healthy controls. Schizophrenics had reduced default mode network activity in the posterior cingulate cortex and in hippocampi, and the new inverse activity showed significant deficit in the ventral temporal areas. In addition, the resting-state activity of the primary sensory regions and the default-mode network were also more mixed in the schizophrenics.