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Abstract #0544

Effects of Muscle Atrophy on the Heterogeneity of Strain Distribution and Other Characteristics of the Human Triceps Surae Muscle-Tendon Complex

Finni T, Shin D, Ahn S, Sinha S, Lee H, Hodgson J, Edgerton R
University of California

We observed changes in the strain dynamics of the posterior soleus aponeurosis-tendon complex, the volume and strength of the triceps surae muscles before/after muscle atrophy and during the subsequent rehabilitation period (0, 1, 3, 6 weeks). These changes were investigated using the velocity encoded phcase contrast cine magnetic resonance imaging. Spatial strain ditribution changed after ULLS for 60% of the subjects . MVC anke plantarflexion torque decreased by 60% and gradually recovered to pre ULLS level by the end of 6-week rehabilitation. The solues, medial gastrocnemius volume changed 5.14%, and 8.01%, respectively. The lateral gastrocnemius volume remained unchaged.