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Abstract #0553

Does 3.0 T MRI Improve Diagnosis of Internal Derangement of the Knee?

Mosher T, Rajwar R, Walker E, Stuck J, Lynch S, Black K
Penn State University, Penn State University

A retrospective evaluation of 134 knee MRI cases with surgical correlation were used to compare the sensitivity and specificity of 1.5 T with 3.0 T MRI in diagnosis of full thickness ACL tear, medial and lateral meniscal tear, and chondrosis of patellar, femoral, and tibial cartilage. There was no significant difference in sensitivity or specificity in diagnosis of ACL or meniscal tears between the two field strengths. There was a trend for greater specificity in diagnosis of chondral lesions using 3.0 T. We conclude 3.0 T MRI of the knee has diagnostic efficacy equivalent to that of 1.5 T.