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Abstract #0562

Molecular Imaging of Angiogenic Therapy in Peripheral Vascular Disease with alphanubeta3-Targeted Nanoparticles

Winter P, Caruthers S, Allen J, Williams T, Harris T, Wickline S, Lanza G
Washington University

Molecular imaging of angiogenesis using a targeted paramagnetic nanoparticle contrast agent was studied for detecting angiogenesis in an animal model of peripheral vascular disease. Ten days post surgical ligation of one femoral artery, MRI molecular imaging showed increased angiogenesis in the ischemic vs. control hindlimbs. Similarly, X-ray angiography performed 40 days post-surgery showed a greater number of mature vessels in the ischemic vs. control limbs. This data demonstrates that targeted paramagnetic nanoparticles can be utilized to specifically detect the molecular signatures of angiogenesis in skeletal muscle far earlier than traditional X-ray angiography techniques.