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Abstract #0597

Validation of B1+ Non-uniformity Correction in the Chest at 3T using TIP-COMP

Sung K, Nayak K, Cunningham C
University of Southern California

For in-vivo magnetic resonance imaging at high field it is essential to consider the homogeneity of the active B1 field (B1+), particularly if surface coils are used for RF transmission. In this work, Transmit In-Plane Compensation (TIP-COMP) RF pulse, which can be dynamically adapted to different ROIs and B1+ variations, in-vivo validation in the chest, and real-time B1+ measurement and compensation at 3T are presented. In-vivo abdominal and cardiac imaging results are presented. Compared to conventional excitation, TIP-COMP reduced flip-angle variations from 30.1% to 7.9% over the heart at 3T.