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Abstract #0602

Reduction of B1 inhomogeneity using transmit SENSE slice-select pulses

Zhang Z, Yip C, Grissom W, Boada F, Stenger V, Noll D
University of Pittsburgh

A major limitation of high field MRI is B1 inhomogeneity. Transmit SENSE (XSENSE) methods have been suggested as a means to address this limitation due to the inclusion of the transmit spatial sensitivity in the RF design. We developed a novel small-tip-angle fast-kz XSENSE 3D tailored RF pulse that is 4.3ms in length with a 5mm slice thickness. XSENSE accleration factors were used to increase the excitation resolution without increasing pulse length. The pulse was demonstrated in vivo at 3T using a body coil and 8-channel receiver array. Brain images acquired with the XSENSE pulse showed reduced B1 inhomogeneity.