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Abstract #0606

Effect of Abnormal Neovasculature and Metabolites on the BOLD fMRI Activation Volume for Brain Tumor Patients

Peck K, Thakur S, Petrovich N, Hou B, Huang W, Holodny A, Gutin P
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Our results for the cases of GBM in PMC suggest that the presence of abnormal neovasculature (indicated by the high rCBV ratios) and the resultant decoupling of neuronal activity and blood flow lead to a muted BOLD response. Lactate peaks in tumor side PMCs suggest hypoxia which implies a) that the vessels may be nearly maximally dilated which further limits the BOLD response b) a corresponding decrease in oxygen consumption for resulting in even small BOLD response. If a tumor was not allocated in the PMC, the BOLD signal (i.e., the ratio) was much closer to the normal value.