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Abstract #0631

Comparison of In and Out of Phase Imaging and IDEAL Fat-Water Separation for Liver Imaging at 3.0 T

McKenzie C, Yu H, Brau A, Shimakawa A, Brittain J, Reeder S, Rofsky N, Pedrosa I, Sacchetti D, Fredericks S, Schuster M, Smith M
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Radiology, Harvard Medical School

This work evaluates the feasibility of using T1-weighted Iterative Decomposition of water and fat with Echo Asymmetry and Least-squares estimation (IDEAL) imaging to replace In and Out of Phase (IOP) imaging at 3.0T. Because IDEAL produces separate fat-only and water-only images it has potential advantages over IOP for the detection of hepatic fat and iron. IDEAL and IOP images were acquired in 41 patients referred for liver imaging. Three radiologists compared the resulting images in a random and blinded fashion. T1 weighted IDEAL imaging was found to provide increased confidence in the diagnosis of hepatic fat and iron compared to IOP.