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Abstract #0637

AxCaliber A Method to Measure the Axon Diameter Distribution and Density in Neuronal Tissues

Blumenfeld T, Levin G, Yovel Y, Basser P, Assaf Y
Tel Aviv University

The morphology of white matter is determined histologically using myeloarchitectural staining. Parameters that help distinguish different white matter fascicles are the axon diameter distribution and the axonal density. Here we use the composite hindered and restricted model of diffusion (CHARMED) framework to measure these two features in porcine spinal cord. Combined with cluster analysis, CHARMED-MRI distinguished six areas in the spinal cord resembling regions in the corresponding histological images. This MRI methodology may advance morphological studies to assess changes in axon diameter distribution or axon content associated with development, disease, degeneration, regeneration, or trauma in the CNS or PNS.