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Abstract #0653

3D Dark Blood TSE for Carotid Vessel Wall Imaging

Chung Y, Menzel M, Raman S, Simonetti O
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc, Northwestern Universtiy

In the carotids, plaque identification is typically performed using 2D TSE since scan time for 3D TSE is long. For instance, high resolution T1 weighted 3D TSE for a 24mm slab requires 6 minutes. 3D dark blood TrueFISP is encouraging but optimal blood suppression limits slab thickness. We propose here a new approach to 3D, T2 weighted high-resolution dark blood TSE technique capable of imaging a 180mm slab along the length of the carotids in about 6 minutes. We shall show here the techniques potential in vessel wall imaging, dark blood MRA, localization, and plaque characterization at the carotids.