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Abstract #0660

MR-Encephalography: Imaging Without Gradients Using Multichannel Receiver Coils: Applications to Physiological Measurements

Zhong K, Speck O, Hennig J
University Hospital

First results of MR-Encephalography based on data acquisition with multiple coils are presented. Spatial information is provided by the sensitive volume of the coils (OVOC= one-voxel-one-coil imaging) without any gradients. A conventional image acquired with identical parameters is used as a template for constrained reconstruction using the continuously sampled coil signals as weighting factors. The ultimate imaging speed of this approach is limited only by the receiver bandwidth. Applications on resting state brain using a standard 8-channel head coil illustrate the very high temporal resolution and signal-to-noise to observe the spatiotemporal pattern of breathing and ECG-related signal variations.